Director's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Grand Magnolia. We know that choosing the place where your child will learn, play, and experience the world is a complex decision. As an educator for over 20 years and mother of four, my passion has always been inspiring young people's love of learning. During my doctoral study at George Mason University, I developed my focus on curriculum development and educators' development. Beyond my professional and academic experience, I have worked in creative settings with young children, led parent/teacher organization, shaped arts programming and developed events and activities to meet our youngest citizens where they are. 

Our aim at Grand Magnolia is to create a rich, experiential educational environment aligned with children's innate drive to develop and grow in a warm, nurturing space. To this end, we incorporate learning excursions into each day. We don't see these as field trips--but active ways to extend and expand what children examine in the learning home . Each trip is intentionally designed with learning outcomes in mind, while remaining flexible to the unique needs and interests of each child. We keep staff:child ratios low for this reasons--we believe each child is a universe unto themselves and deserve warmth, connection, and respect that acknowledges who they are as an individual.

We encourage collaboration and involvement and are always here should you have questions about Grand Magnolia.

We look forward to talking more!

Natalie N. Summerville, Ph.D.

Director, Grand Magnolia Early Learning Center